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Updated: Nov 6, 2019

RJ Boyle Studio is a high-end tackle outfit located in Lighthouse Point, FL, but it's also much more than a tackle shop; its the offshore fisherman's paradise. RJ Boyle Studio offers a wide variety of tackle for any fishing adventure. RJ also does his own artwork from painted pictures on canvas to hand-painted swordfish bills, and they even have in house custom rod wrapping with choice of any reel outfit to make a perfect combo.

RJ being a hardcore fisherman, also owns a boat that he runs charters on often. He had recently repowered with Suzuki outboards and noticed that his factory paint had started to chip off. He contacted Suzuki directly, and they knew about the defective paint, but would not warranty it because it was after the two-year portion of a 6-year total warranty. Insert Marine O Customs! 

We stripped down the cowlings and repainted them, and they turned out better than new. RJ, like many boat owners like their stuff to look top-notch, especially when you look at the money spent. If you have a similar problem like this, we would be glad to help!

Check out the project photos below and the original article that was featured in the Crew News: 

Defective Suzuki paint

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