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Boat Detailing

Restoration compounds and polymer paints for boats in Tampa FL

Compound & Wax

Is your boat dull and oxidized? Are you just looking to brighten up and protect your gel coat? The compound and wax is a three-step process using only the best quality products (ex. Starke Yacht Surface Technologies). First, we buff the fiberglass with a high-grade compound that cuts down and removes built-up oxidation. Secondly, we use a finishing polish to remove minor imperfections and fine scratches. Lastly, we apply a UV polymer wax. Using this process, we can create the ultimate shine. Check out the gallery for previous project photos. Contact us for more info and pricing. 

Starke Yacht Care boat compounds, polishes and sealants

Polishes & Sealants

We only use the Starke Yacht Care product line which includes compounds, polishes, and sealants. Over the years we have tried many different products and have found the Starke product line to give us the best shine and protection.

Nano ceramic coating and custom boat paint

Ceramic Coatings

Need long term protection against the harsh UV rays? Ceramic coatings are nano hydrophobic coatings that give extra durability to the surface applied. This coating forms a semi-permanent bond that will not wash away or break down quickly. Gel coats being much more porous will still experience 2-3x the durability of most polymer-based sealants. You can expect the protective coating to last for 12-18 months. This means less time during the year maintaining the surface and more time on the water. Contact us for more info an pricing.

Custom boat and hull care Tampa, FL

Monthly Plans

Are you looking for someone to take full responsibility for maintaining your vessel? That's where we come in! We have weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or custom wash & wax plans based on your needs. We can build your maintenance plan to compliment your vessel's needs. Contact us to set up your custom plan today!

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