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Looking to repaint your outboard motor or motors, but not sure where to start, don't worry, we got you covered. We understand the complexity of paint and the variables that go into a successful paint project. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we receive when initially discussing a customer's project to make this process easier for you!

What type of paint do you recommend?

We recommend and only use Quantum Paint by Engineered Marine Coatings. Quantum paint is a high solid two-part polyurethane that has 2X the solids and 2X the coverage of other traditional brand paints. (ex. Awlgrip) It's durable enough to stand up to the harsh marine environment, while still providing ease of reparability.

What color options do I have?

We have a color chart with standard option colors, but if you are looking for custom colors, we can match any color in the lab but, we need a sample. We usually can contact the manufacturer of the boat to get a sample sent if you cannot provide one. Custom colors are an extra cost.

Can you do custom or two-tone designs?

Yes, if you are looking for a unique or custom design (mohawks, striping & accents), we can discuss your idea or offer our own. Either way, you have total control over what you want.

What if my outboard motor has damage?

Most outboard motors are made from fiberglass or composite material, making the repair process easy. Typically you want to start the repair process (sanding, fiberglass work, & fairing) before beginning the painting process. Some older outboard motors have components produced from plastic; these are much more difficult to repair, and sometimes the part will need to be replaced.

Do you offer factory or aftermarket decals?

Both, and you have total control over what decals you prefer. Aftermarket decals are made from high-quality 3M Vinyl and are the most cost-efficient (just as good as factory decals, but don't include the textured or raised look). Factory decals will give you that OEM look if you so desire it. We also can do custom designs, logos, and colors of your choice.

Do you offer delivery services?

Yes, we offer to pick up and delivery for an additional cost.

How do you keep overspray from getting on the boat?

We remove every outboard motor from the boat before being painted. This removal allows us to get the best finish. Outboard motors have a lot of areas that are difficult to reach, so removing them off of the boat makes the most sense to get to some of these areas.

Do you charge to remove outboard motors off the boat?

Yes, there is an additional cost associated with un-rigging and unmounting and then mounting and re-rigging the motors back onto the boat.

Does your paintwork include a warranty?

Yes, all paintwork includes a 2-year warranty against (peeling, flaking, or bubbling). Anything that is not caused by normal wear and tear.

We hope this makes your life easier when deciding on what route to take on your next paint project weather you are looking for a factory refinish or a new custom look we got you covered!

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